1. Application is to be filled through online mode in DET website. 
  2. Counselling will be conducted online for the choice of selection of trade by the applicants. 
  3. Provisional allotment order will be released in DET site. 
  4. Admission will be strictly done on merit basis in completely online mode and also admission fees to be paid online.
  1. Tuition Fees -Nil 
  2. Special Fees-Nil 
  3. Caution Deposit Rs.100 (Refundable on successful completion of the course) 
  4. Sports fees Rs.10 (for one year trade) Rs.20 (for two year trades)
  5. Application fees Rs.50 
  6. Fees for registration Rs.25 Certificate verification fees Rs.50 for each mark sheets
  1. Rs. 750 per month for all Trainees.
Freebies provided to the trainees are, 
  1. Free Bus Pass 
  2. Laptop
  3. Cycle 
  4. Drawing Instrument 
  5. Uniform 
  6. NIMI Books 
  7.  Shoes

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